Power Biker Of The Year

The only Popular Choice award, which makes it the most coveted to win. Power Biker of the year rewards your passion for biking and what's more, your votes really count here. So get maximum votes & the Golden Helmet could be yours.


Wanderer of the year

This one is for the real traveler amongst you, the one who gets irresistibly pulled to the distant horizon. Be it as a part of a group of fellow riders or alone, munching miles is biking for you. So if Leh is your Sunday ride, get in, tell us more about yourself and we shall honor you with the Golden Helmet.


Track Racer of the year

Track racing is riding the proverbial edge of physics. A world where redlining the bike, scraping knees on curves and blinding speed are an everyday job. We want to recognize your immense passion and commitment to the sport of Track Racing and shall present you with the Golden Helmet.


Freestyle Biker of the year

So you can pull a wheelie and get cheers from the crowd. Make your bike do things few can even imagine. And you do it with safety and made it your profession. This is your space; tell us more about your freestyle biking. This category is for those who pursue freestyle biking as a profession.


Female biker of the year

Ladies on two wheels Ahoy! You’ve elevated motorcycling to where it is no longer gender-centric. You’ve zoomed past those mental barriers. We salute you for pursuing your love for motorcycling. And here is the Golden Helmet to honor your commitment.


Fight-back biker of the year

So you had a fall, but your passion scores over the boulders life throws at you. You fought back to motorcycling from that land of no hope. You inspire by your comeback story. Here is to your undying spirit and love for motorcycling. Someone who we shall be proud to present with the Golden Helmet.


Bike customizer of the year

You may make marvels out of an assembly line piece. You turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Be it body (the ‘look’) or the soul (the engine). Your creativity and passion is sure worth the Golden Helmet.


Angel Biker of the year

You use motorcycling as a medium of giving back to society in a greater measure than you get from it. You are the savior for the forgotten, the needy and the underprivileged. You, the biker with a golden heart, surely deserve the Golden Helmet to go with it.


Motorcycling club of the year

You define brotherhood, friendship and camaraderie. You ride together, laugh together and exemplify what biking is when you get off the saddle. You impart dignity and togetherness to motorcycling that inspires others. You as a ‘club’ deserve the honor of the Golden Helmet.


Rally Rider of the year

No road is your road. Endurance is your virtue. You compete where others consider travel as an achievement. You are the braveheart who undoubtedly deserves the Golden Helmet.

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