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Yamaha Riders Club - India

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Abhishek Sircar

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For your club, what does motorcycling stand for?

Quality. Being a club of Yamaha Freaks, we imbibe the word of quality in the rides we get into, the gears that we emphasize upon and the discipline we maintain extending it beyond the quality of the bikes Yamaha has treated us with.

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Tell us briefly about the motorcycling ethics followed collectively by your club especially when related to practicing and promoting safe motorcycling?

We could not grow as fast as we would wish but it was all worth it as we emphasized strictly on riding gears right from day one of the formation. We lost the so called quantity of riders but we did surely make up with the quality of riders. It was a pleasure to see riders buying all kinds of riding gears to just ride with us and gradually making it a habit.

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How would you justify the inherent dangers and risk involved in riding motorcycles?

Werner Brothers while patenting Motorcycle would not have ever imagined that one day with speeds of 300 kms/hr there would be such inherent dangers revolving around their patent but all they knew was being caged is no fun. While the risks are there in every sphere of life, biking has it's own share of risks which is worth when a bit of discipline makes it a passe`. While the risks and dangers cannot be ruled out, it definitely can be reduced with a bit of respect towards riding and enjoying what biking is all about. Freedom from the mundane realities of life.


Tell us briefly about the 2 most memorable/important motorcycling events organized by or participated in by your club?

India Bike Week 2012 ( : Members from various parts of India rode to Goa to witness one of the biggest and most prominent biking event in India. It was memorable not just for the event but for the ride to Goa as well.

YRC Annual Day ( : Extending beyond Yamaha we realized that we are bikers first before any brand fanatic. Inviting and introducing the biking groups in Bangalore is what we were looking at and we were pleasantly surprised by the presence of various major biking clubs of Bangalore joining us in the celebration.

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How has your motorcycling club contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

Awareness of safety as we have always emphasized upon and having a close relation with other biking groups will see us a long way ahead in being one of the known biking groups in India.


What are the best and the worst things about motorcycling in India?

Best and the worst thing about motorcycling in India are the bikers themselves. One who respects and understands biking as a passion and the other is the one who builds up everything around biking other than the true attitude of being a biker and respecting not just his/her ride but also the riders around him her.

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