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samik chatterjee

i, THe biker
29 Year Old

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No. of Years as a customizer : 2

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As a motorcycle customizer, what does a motorcycle mean to you both as a machine and as a canvas for your art?

A given motorcycle is a 'Possibility' to develop a 'Dream'
Motorcycles are surreal, they have been an integral part of me from the day I rode my first tri-cycle(as a kid).I have always imagined motorcycles to be brilliant exponents of functional art lest a mere commuting medium.To develop a completely functional machine into a functional work-of-art is a big responsibility and a challenge. Id refer to my attempts at customization as frame-able art work that rolls on the streets with equal ease and poise as she stands within the frame (while stationed)

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How has customizing motorcycles changed you and your life?

Customizing is an organic process, it has made me realize that certain things does not require serious make-overs, they just need to be seen from a different perspective (as i bend metal or otherwise in life)

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How do you relate to the possibility of your creation, a customized motorcycle, being a work of art for you, being ridden and possibly damaged in a mishap?

Destruction is the seed of new creations... gives me another opportunity to learn and explore !!! (I hope the rider wears proper riding gears and avert serious injuries: that's not a choice, that's a given)

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Tell us briefly about your 2 most memorable custom motorcycle design created and executed by you.

Mitternacht (mid-night, German) : one of my very first custom works, built on the chassis of an Avenger (transformed from a mere 180cc to 250cc approx). She is aggression from the word go - the glaring eyes on the roads are testimonies of her sheer raw beauty.
Animus (courageous, Latin):One of my latest works. She runs with a custom glider front-end (built completely from scratch)and a huge bouquet of custom detailing (custom head-lamps, gas-cap, handle bars, exhaust tips, Italian stretch leather seat and saddle bags with a decent amount of body-work).She had raised the benchmark of my work and expectations from my well-wishers.


As a motorcycle customizer, how have you contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

a customizer effectively does what an artist does to his patrons. Every smile on the street generated by one of my works is my biggest contribution to society, spreading happiness and providing fellow-riders to dream beyond the norm.

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What are the best and the worst things about being a motorcycle customizer in India?

Best thing: The expression on each of my patrons at completion of their respective projects is my greatest reward as a customizer. I try to stretch the brief and push them to a level which even the owner himself/herself wouldnt have dreamt.

Worst thing: The legalities or the sheer lack of it has kept the custom-moto-works' industry in an uncertain grey-area.

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Golden Question : How do you feel when you ride?

(I feel) COMPLETE !!! The thought of a ride still gives me sleepless nights, the grin on my face gets eccentric most of the times (making the non-riders around me completely perplexed). I still pre-live and imagine every turn on the road as the wind that shall hit my face.

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