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Kaushik Sriram

i, THe biker
22 Year Old

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No. of Years of riding motorcycles : 9,
Kilometers done (appox) : 100000+

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For you, what does it mean to be a motorcyclist?

It makes me feel manly! On the saddle , reving up the engine on the twist of the wrist, the smell of octane. It makes me go crazy!
It is much of a soulful connection between me and my bike!
Its like how a stalion means to a soldier! Both cannot do without each other!

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How has motorcycling changed you and your life?

Motorcycling has thought me a lot in life,
Patience, Perceiverence, Balance, Concentration, Tackling of situations, etc.
The best part is it gave me a lot of friends and contacts!

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Life tested you severely and motorcycling helped you to fight back – tell us that story of courage and inspiration.

Its ironic that the testing and fighting both had my motorcycle in the process!

It was when i crashed and was hurt badly, i was told i wont be riding a bike ever again! But my passion couldnt keep my hand away from the throttle for a long time!

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Tell us briefly about your 2 most memorable life events involving motorcycles?

1. When people started identifying me with the name of my bike as a prefix to my name

2. When i was in a winning spree in all the road races i took part! In which i learnt a lot and i still am learning!

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As a motorcyclist, how have you contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

I havent done much to the society. But after a recent incident following a crash my friend had i insist on wearing of helmets and sensible riding!

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What are the best and the worst things about motorcycling in India?

Best thing about motorcycling is that there is lot of competition within the manufacturers , riders, teams , clubs etc. Whichever feild you step in only the competition takes you higher!

Worst thing is that majority of the people use bikes as only a mode of transport and so the people who consider their bikes as a soulful counter part are looked upon as mad ones!

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Golden Question : How do you feel when you ride?

As Valentino Rossi says, "Riding a bike is an art, not everybody can do!" I feel proud that im quite good at this art!

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