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As a motorcycle customizer, what does a motorcycle mean to you both as a machine and as a canvas for your art?

I think my motorcycles are an extension of me. Designing, building and riding a motorcycle is more of a lifestyle to me than anything else. Being an Automotive Designer by profession, a motorcycle as a canvas is a platform for me to translate my thoughts, ideas and dreams and bring them to life. It is a medium through which I express my passion and the love for it as a machine and piece of art. Its not just about how good it looks but also about how well it performs. Its not just about big blocks and wide tires but its about everything that can be ridden.. whether it is a 50 cc or 500 cc.


How has customizing motorcycles changed you and your life?

Customizing and building motorcycles has taught me a lot about myself, who I am and who I can be within as a person and as a design professional. It has become a way of life. It makes you disciplined and calms you down. It has given me an opportunity to connect with people in this world full of passion and creativity. Professionally and personally it makes me respect people with the way they are and the way they respect their machines. It has helped me not to differentiate between people who ride small motorcycles and monster machines.


How do you relate to the possibility of your creation, a customized motorcycle, being a work of art for you, being ridden and possibly damaged in a mishap?

I think these things happen all the time. Unfortunately something which is not in ones hands. we try and take it in a positive way if needs to be fixed we fix it, or there is always room for some more creativity. It goes on..


Tell us briefly about your 2 most memorable custom motorcycle design created and executed by you.

My first two motorcycles were the most memorable ones. A Bajaj Pulsar 150 (O-four) and a two stroke yamaha-135 (Yammy Love). former is named after the lace where i started my journey and the later is named for the sheer love and passion we put in to build it. No experience in building motorcycles, with a pen, a paper and 2 stripped down motorcycles in a small room with just enough space. i felt i was flying blind on empty tanks. But it involved a lot of passion and the want and need to do something new, something creative.


As a motorcycle customizer, how have you contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

Every human being as motorcyclist has a dream motorcycle. by customizing motorcycles we try and spread smiles happiness and make people realize who they are within and and make them live their dreams.


What are the best and the worst things about being a motorcycle customizer in India?

i thing the best thing about being a motorcycle customizer is that you can be yourself, express your love for motorcycles and a fellow real motorcyclist will appreciate it.

the worst thing about being a motorcyclist is that we do not have a background behind us to teach us what we're doing today. its more about finding your own way through the woods.


Golden Question : How do you feel when you ride?

happy, content, free.

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