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atul dhanecha

i, THe biker
19 Year Old

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No. of Years : 5,
Kilometers done (appox) : no idea

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For you, what does it mean to be a motorcyclist?

Motorcyclist means a very good person of a country..he or she must be able to rule his motorcycle.motorcyclist supports his country policemen by holding theives.motorcyclist have every knowledge of his bike and would help to drive safely.


How has motorcycling changed you and your life?

Motorcycling has changed a lot in my life i can easily travel from one place to another..and maximum distance can be rechead in minimum helps in carrying goods from place to place.with this bike i rechead college in very thankful to god that i am also be one of them who has bike..


How would you justify the inherent dangers and risk involved in riding on motorcycles?

Drive safe and slowly with helmet and guards.follow traffic rules and drive bike with full concentration in road by seeing front,back,left and right side of the road it must be helpful.


Tell us briefly about your 2 most memorable life-incidents involving you as a motorcyclist?

There are no such moments in my life.....


As a motorcyclist, how have you contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

As a motorcyclist i will contributed everytime and anytime towards society.i will teach the rulesl and basics of bike that how they can use there bike effective and will help them to convient transfers and travel from place to place in less there work should be short and life becames easier.


What are the best and the worst things about motorcycling in India?

Best thing is it helps the person work to be easier and in less time.
Worst thing is that it helps the theives to do robbery and run it offff.
Another best thing is it travels from one place to another in less time with less human efforts.
Another worst thing is that peoples do accident and murders of another people with help of bike.

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