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eklove dasgupta

i, THe biker
23 Year Old

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No. of Years : 11,
Kilometers done (appox) : 220000

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For you, what does it mean to be a motorcyclist?

U got the wronng question for me... Trust me this is not from any book nor am I trying to be a show off... But to be with my bike?! Honestly when I'm with my bike... I enjoy every moment on it.. It makes me feel that its not a god but me who is actually controlling an uncontrollable beast. Love the wind that swishes your face when on a highway and the best part are the clicks with the cam on the way that makes it so memorable


How has motorcycling changed you and your life?

As a person if I look at it from office point of view I'm just a tamed dog with a I'd card on his neck working for some already rich billionaire... But then I realize what's the point of all the billions when you sit on a chair and table all day long? And coming back to the question the biking when I m with her (Calypso as I call her) she has taught me to be independent in life.. To be who I'am inside and not a wannabe. She taught me to be a child and a man when needed in life at the right moment. To be honest in some relationships- some things are best explained without words and mine's and her's are one of them.


How would you justify the inherent dangers and risk involved in riding on motorcycles?

In short... No matter how safe you are a rider but when the day comes... It just comes... No matter how you have wore the best of protective gears.... Because I've lost one of my closest freinds with his protective gear on and without any of his mistakes. He used to tell me one thing - riding a bike is like being the lead actor of a great movie... But when you are not and even in just a car you are just watching it in a theatre. Whoever is reading this... If you have brains and heart at the right place only then you'll undersatnd.


Tell us briefly about your 2 most memorable life-incidents involving you as a motorcyclist?

The first one- this was my first ride on a kinetic honda in bangalore. This was from my home to nandi hills... A well known location there. Well! That was my first official ride. First a sense of fear to come out of home, then the excitement of the journey... But once the roads sarted twisting that changed me forever. I knew at once no alcohol or anything can be more addictive than this and from then on never looked back.
The second one- the recent trip to munnar... Calypso my thunderbird avl 350 broke down... N no mechanic could do anything and then I realized in real... Yes the same way gods are our mechanic bikes are ours. She somehow responded... Which is still a mystery then reached a bigger town and just at the getway she took that last breath of ENOUGH! And once she was all prepared - knew the love of my life is always with me.


As a motorcyclist, how have you contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

As a motorcyclist I want every person with a motorcyle to guide them through to this beautiful world of dreams... To take it to every individual in this world to understand that you shouls embrace and respect this world and encourage others to do so... Because somewhere many parents or guardins think its unsafe... But I want to go to their homes and show them the real beauty of it!


What are the best and the worst things about motorcycling in India?

Best things- no matter how the traffic conditions in india are- the most beautiful and scenic locations are alive only in indiam
Worst- the people who still lack road and common sense which are the major reasons for the casuality associated with it

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