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Prashant Singh

i, THe biker
21 Year Old

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No. of Years : 2,
Kilometers done (appox) : 20000

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For you, what does it mean to be a motorcyclist?

Its a connect with life, it makes me realize that I am alive. Biking gives both meaning and purpose to my life. What most sage seek in hours of meditation, I think I derive an analogous feeling to it when I am in my role of a motorcyclist. All my worries and all my routine burns with the roar of my tebby(Thunderbird Twinspark) and all I come across is a subtle soothing delight.

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How has motorcycling changed you and your life?

Motorcycling in many terms is a divine gift to people of earth. The joy and the feeling which it gives is unparalleled. I personally feel motorcycling is like soul searching, and while you are on it you are connected to two souls one being your motorcycle.
My life has been on an altogether different track since I began motorcycling, with it I ventured in altogether a different unknown realm of my persona, it brought me immense pleasure and made me realize that the gift of life has something to do with motorcycling and that something makes me complete as a person.

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How would you justify the inherent dangers and risk involved in long distance touring on motorcycles?

Every adventure is associated with a risk.Long distance touring is no exception. Long distance touring is also associated with focus for long hours of riding,& it needs stamina as well as will.Unlike short distance commuting,it needs coping up with stress and fatigue,which tests your physical as well as mental toughness.As it seeks continuous attention while riding for long duration, scope of error is less and may be fatal as unlike the city traffic, long distance touring is associated with movement between heavy vehicles & fast moving light vehicles.
Being cautious and preparing oneself for it,& then going for it,makes you come across the feeling which is unparallelled and unlikely to be experienced anywhere else.It's not about justification,it's about exploring the real person one is & what aim one has to show oneself his true identity.

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Tell us briefly about your 2 most memorable motorcycle tours?

Raipur to Guna(Distance-1000 km approx)
On the first day covered a distance of 620 km from Raipur to Hoshangabad via Gondia, Balaghat, Seoni, Chhindwara, and on the second day the rest of distance via Bhopal. A word to describe it-"Exhilarating". This was my first venture into long distance touring, inspiring me to plan & execute such future trips.
Delhi to Raghogarh, Guna(Distance-550 km)
Covered it in two stretches: Delhi to Gwalior & Gwalior to Guna.
Another rousing adventure.
Both my trips had long streches across MP, and I can say that very few places in India are such scenic like MP. Also less traffic in MP helped me better connect with surroundings enriching my experience.

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As a motorcycle tourer, how have you contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

Although upto now I have been more of a solitary rider, traveling singly without any group, as my rides were about exploring myself rather than just about adventures, but in future I plan on joining the tourers group which I feel will provide me with a different insight and dimensions to my thoughts about being a part of a group, and associated team spirit and associated feeling of brotherhood.
Also such society/brotherhood sharing the same blood of passion for biking, can together forge an alliance to bring about a change to society in a million ways. They can form a forum for bringing about a change in lives of future bikers. With 65% of population below 30, we can have a revolution in society and bring about a change in everyone's life.

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What are the best and the worst things about motorcycle touring in India?

Best thing:
Sheer vastness of India's countryside can only be covered while touring on motorcycle, as most of the scenic places are not marketed for the beauty they offer. But while riding we can come across many such unaccounted places,which can take our experience to new high.
Touring makes one come across the real India,where one connects really to what India is,& what makes a nation,it shows the rich diversity and culture & a feeling of national integrity.
Worst thing:
Indian roads are the worst pain a biker come across,also problematic is the respect for motorcycle touring which is a big low and discourages many to join this activity of adventure and redefining. Another trouble is disrespect for traffic rules among most drivers on road, which is the biggest hurdle for discouraging many enthusiasts and what makes Indian roads unsafe.

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Golden Question : How do you feel when you ride?

Rush of Adrenaline, Gush of air, World behind your back, Everything giving smack, Coming out of blues, Riding making me glued, Attempts to make history, Riding is a mystery, Nothing comes even close, Comparing riding with any dose, Riding is my hobby and my life, Without it I never dream of being alive.

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