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Anam Hashim

i, THe biker
18 Year Old

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No. of Years of motorcycle stunting : 1,
Motorcycle Stunting events participated in : 12 Approx

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For you, what does it mean to be a motorcycle stunter?

Its a struggle being a female motorcyclist in India where people are so narrow minded , more over belonging from an orthodox muslim family things were more tough .
Its an amazing feeling being a 'Freestyle Athlete'.Moreover inspiring other female riders in India for motorcycle stunting. It means traveling around , seeing places and faces . Its about making a relationship with your bike , talking to your bike , knowing each and everything about her, entertaining the croud , the sound of the cheers , putting smile on their faces.

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How has motorcycling changed you and your life?

Motorcycling has a great impact om my me and my life .It has made me stronger , it has taught me the way of living. My life has been tough .
In a male dominant sport , there were people who pulled my legs, discouraged me but I focused on my goals and my dreams.
Truthfully I have more critics than supporters but I believe if you truly want to achieve something in your life , nothing can stop you no matter how hard it is .
"A dream without a plan is just a wish"

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How would you justify the inherent dangers and risk involved in stunting on motorcycles?

If freestyle stunt riding done in safe amd controlled environment , its as safe as its dangerous but sometimes things go out of control.
Crashes are part of every motorcyclist's life so one should always wear all the protective gears in all forms of riding & should be prepared for everything.

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Tell us briefly about your 2 most memorable stunt performances?

The most memorable stunt performances were at V.J.I.T. college stunt show at Mumbai . that was my 1st stunt show in Maharashtra & My Solo stunt show at Bangalore on WOMEN's DAY.

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What has been the biggest highlight of your racing career so far?

The biggest highlight itself is that i'm the Youngest Female Stunt Rider in India apparently .Getting sponsored riding gears from ICON MOTOSPORTS , U.S.A. based company was a big achievement for me . I also won the calander contest in New York by & im featured in "Ride Like A Girl Racing" calander which will be sold world wide . Currently HERO sponsored me their bike HERO IMPULSE for stunt riding.

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As a stunter, how have you contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

I have always been promoting ' No street Stunt riding' as it destroys the image of freestyle atheletes who are taking it as a professional way and leaves a negative impact on others. Recently working with Pune RTO 'Street Sence' initiative as RTO Ally promoting awareness of helmets & riding gears , street sence not only to the biker community but also to the normal public who are riding bikes or even non gear vehicles.
I have also been into the campaign by to help raise fund for road racing action fund in New York.

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What are the best and the worst things about motorcycle stunting in India?

In India as Female Freestyle Athlete are almost zero ,you get popularity very soon and being the youngest its more easier. You are known not just nationally but internationally as well. Some people encourage you ,support you.
But going to the worst part , guys treat you unequally. People are generalised into categories on the basis of gender. They are unaware of this sport and so they generalise rookie riders as criminals and the names comes of the one who are working hard for the sport to make it as their profession and earn living out of it. They criticize you , pull you down.Its very hard to survive with everything .


Golden Question : How do you feel when you ride?

Its an out of the world feeling . I get peace, I feel light , different from others , it feels life flying in the air.It feels special riding on one wheel . It makes me happy , learning each day ,new tricks, falling down and standing up again laughing " Oh shit ! I was almost there ! Lets try it again man!" Truthfully this feeling can't be described in words. Only a rider knows it ;)

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