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Bharat Bhushan

i, THe biker
19 Year Old

Currently Riding


Past Owned


Riding Experience

No. of Years : 8,
Kilometers done (appox) : 15000

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For you, what does it mean to be a motorcyclist?

For me being a "MOTORCYCLIST" is a passion, love and attraction of my bike towards itself.


How has motorcycling changed you and your life?

It has brought the stability throughout my mind and make me a peaceful soul. It makes me learn to control my Anger.


How would you justify the inherent dangers and risk involved in long distance touring on motorcycles?

"The Preplanned event"

the above words justifies the answer to the question. I have not been on long distance touring yet.


Tell us briefly about your 2 most memorable motorcycle tours?

the first one was the tuition bunk when i was in 10+2 with my friends and we decided to bunk our chemistry and physics tuition and lets go out and watch some movie in the other city that is patiala. so we four guys and two motorcycles and limited fuel goes for the movie and enjoyed the ride that was approx. 28kms up side. and .. during return time i throttled my bike to surprisingly and 105 Kms.

the second one is my personal and alone experience when i was out of my mind i just seated on my motorcycle and moved towards the highway alone and that too just on a constant speed for continuously 2.30hrs


As a motorcycle tourer, how have you contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

not yet


What are the best and the worst things about motorcycle touring in India?

worst: the roads

best: the road side beauty of the nature


Golden Question : How do you feel when you ride?

same as the way when you are on a beach shore with your girlfriend just moving together and loving each other.... <3

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