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born to ride

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gaurav monga

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For your club, what does motorcycling stand for?

freedom and exploring india


Tell us briefly about the motorcycling ethics followed collectively by your club especially when related to practicing and promoting safe motorcycling?

nobody in the club is allowed to ride without proper riding gear. consistent formation, always follow lead rider who will be the most experienced amongst all.
follow traffic rules strictly. riders of age 21 and above allowed in the group.


How would you justify the inherent dangers and risk involved in riding motorcycles?

in a country like india, there is always risk and danger involved. there is no solution to it but motorcycling is also about riding safely with proper protection which will reduce the risk of injuries and minimize danger


Tell us briefly about the 2 most memorable/important motorcycling events organized by or participated in by your club?

ride to narkhanda in april 2013, ride to goa(india bike week), ride to udaipur dec 2012


How has your motorcycling club contributed to the society/brotherhood and plan to do so in the years to come?

organized brotherhood rides where all the clubs meet to spread brotherhood.


What are the best and the worst things about motorcycling in India?

best is that we have a lot to explore. worst is the danger involved with it due to lack of rules and indecent traffic

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