1. Where can I find rules for the contest?
    Please see Biker of the Year Award 2013 Contest Rules.
  2. What are the prizes?
    Please see http://boty.xbhp.com/prizes
  3. What is the Contest timeline and process?

    July 29th Nomination/Registration Starts

    Aug 13th Voting Starts

    Aug 29th Registration Ends

    Sept 15th Voting Ends

  4. What are the different Categories for which we are inviting profiles?
    1. Wanderer of the year
    2. Track Rider of the Year
    3. Freestyle rider of the Year
    4. Female Biker of the Year
    5. Fight-back Biker of the Year
    6. Bike Customizer of the Year
    7. Angel Biker of the Year
    8. Power Biker of the Year
    9. Motorcycling Club of the Year
  5. How many entries will you accept?
    Any number of entries till the closing date as announced on the website.
  6. What are the submission requirements?
    • Register your account
    • Activate your profile with email validation
    • Create your Profile, answering questions in different category
    • Take a survey
  7. Can I contest in more than one Category?
    Yes. But you will need to upload a separate profile for each category.
  8. Is there a fee for entering?
    No, there is no cost to enter the Biker of the Year Awards 2013.
  9. Do I keep my content rights of my profile if I enter?
    All photos, videos and text uploaded for the BOTY Awards 2013 retain your copyrights but By entering the contest, entrants grant the organizers a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive license to reproduce, display, distribute, and create derivative works of the entries, in whole or in part, in any media now existing or subsequently developed, for any educational, promotional, publicity, exhibition, archival, scholarly and all other governmental purposes. Any photograph reproduced will include a photographer credit as feasible. The organizers will not be required to seek any additional approval in connection with such uses.
  10. Is this an international contest?
    Contest open only to bonafide adult citizens of India.
  11. How will I know if my Entry was accepted?
    You will recieve an email from our administrators.
  12. How do I withdraw my Entry from the contest?
    No you can't.
  13. How is the Contest being judged?
    There shall be 4 ‘value-based criteria’ and 1 voting based for judging and selecting the nominees for the final award in each category. Each criteria carries equal weightage (20%) in influencing the final judgment. The fifth shall be ‘public voting’ which as such shall also carry 20% weightage. These criteria are common to all categories though the internalized measures of excellence of course shall differ for each. It is therefore left to the good judgment and reasoning of the jury members to assess each contestant to the best of their ability and belief. Criteria Given below is an elaboration of the 4 'value based' judgment criteria:
  14. Proof of Passion Number of years of riding, inclusion of spouse and family into riding, commitment to motorcycling demonstrable through longevity and quality of riding, motorcycles owned present and past,  

    Inspiration quotient Adventures on a motorcycle, long hard journeys, landmark achievements in own life through motorcycles/motorcycling, inspiring photography/videography on and about motorcycles, promoting India as a riding destination through the print or virtual media, creative adaptation of motorcycles or manner of motorcycling that elevates such acts to an art.

    Giving back to community Exemplary riding record so as to be a valued role model for new and aspiring bikers, community service with motorcycling as its core component, contribution towards the environment through technological innovation, riding pattern alterations or exploring and promoting alternate energy sources as motive energy for motorcycling, adding to the respectability and dignity of motorcycling as a choice of transport, as a sport and as a recreational activity

    Promoting safe and wholesome motorcycling Helping educate fellow riders, forums and blogs that promote safe and sane motorcycling, campaigns/workshops/activities promoting safety awareness amongst the biker community,

  15. How does voting work?
    Voting will be done by the users via SMS and Facebook Connect.
  16. How do the votes get counted?
    You can check your votes in your My Account. Go to Login > My Account
  17. Can I vote for my own Entry?
    Of course!
  18. Can anyone vote, even people who live abroad?
    Yes, anyone can vote as long as they (Give conditions required for voting here)
  19. How will I be notified if I won?
    You will receive an e-mail and/or phone call if you are one of the potential Finalists.
  20. Can you tell me about the contest sponsors?
    Please check the homepage for all partners and associations
  21. Where do I go if my question is not answered here?
  • Power Biker of the Year
  • Wanderer of the Year
  • Angel Biker of the Year
  • Motorcycle Club of the Year
  • Bike Customizer of the Year
  • Female Biker of the Year
  • Fight Back Biker of the Year
  • Freestyle Biker of the Year
  • Motorcycle Club of the Year
  • Rally Rider of the Year
  • Track Racer of the Year
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