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Biker’s Signature Counting

The United Biker’s Flag of India

The United Biker’s Flag of India is a physical statement of cohesion and sense of oneness amongst the brotherhood of bikers across the nation. It is a great leveler, a remarkable dispeller of disparity as anyone in love with ‘two wheels with an engine in-between’ is a part of this movement and an equal contributor to it. The flag starts in many parts (we call them ‘flaglets’) much as we are separated geographically and as individuals and comes back together from across the nation, united, huge, imposing and powerful much as we stand as a community.

What is the UBFI?

A community sourced flag that shall represent cohesion and unity amongst the motorcycling brotherhood. The flag will start its journey as 2ft x 2ft flaglets of gold colored cloth 250 in number. The flaglets shall be sent to different cities and motorcycling clubs all over the country. Bikers in each city and members of every motorcycling club shall sign the flaglets (the clubs shall also append their logo on the flaglets) and they shall be returned to xBhp HQ. There is also a pledge attached to the signatures collected.

For every signature on the flag, xBhp shall donate Rs. 50/- to an appropriate social cause. The collected flaglets shall be stitched together to form a giant flag which shall be presented to the media and put up as a claimant to a world record in being the largest community sourced flag of the biking brotherhood. The UBFI shall also be displayed at the Biker of the Year 2013 Awards ceremony. A list of all signatories will be displayed along with the flag.

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